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Acquisition Express – AdWords Communication Extension

Late last year, Google AdWords added another Ad Extension called the ‘Communication Extension’ to their growing list of ad extensions. The Communication Extension allows you, the AdWords advertiser, to include a simple email registration form right underneath your ad!

As you can see above, because I was signed in with my Google Account when I saw the ad, my e-mail address was pre-populated meaning signup was only a click away (this form also appears when not signed in, the email box is just empty). I expect this will be an incredibly effective tool for acquiring new customer leads. A few seconds after I clicked the ‘Subscribe to Newsletter’ button, I was sent a welcome email telling me what to expect for being a new subscriber with a variety of ways to convert:

OK, this is awesome, how do I get it?
To get access to the Communication Extension in your AdWords account, you’ll need to contact AdWords and request to join the beta program. An AdWords rep will contact you to get specific information about your site including where sign ups will go and reviewing the privacy policy in place on your site.

I’m looking forward to implementing this on more client sites so I can measure the effectiveness and write more about it! What do you think? Will you be contacting AdWords to get the new Communication extension?

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